Children Care Council

'Have Your Say' is Warrington's Children in Care Council.  It was created in 2009 to make sure that children in care have a way to tell the people who make decisions what they think.  

It's a safe and welcoming group where young people get involved in making important decisions such as choosing Warrington Borough Council's senior managers, meeting the government's Children's Minister and taking part in surveys and events which affect the lives of children in care and care leavers.

Over the past year 'Have Your Say' has been to meetings with important people such as the Director of Children and Young People's Services at Warrington Borough Council, the Corporate Parenting Forum, the Head of the Virtual School and Ofsted inspectors.

The group get involved in many fun activities and in 2012 they went on a Tall Ships Expedition from Brixham to Holyhead.  There have also been lots of fun events for the younger members where they can enjoy new experiences and tell us about things which are important to them.

Have Your Say has a 'Chair' and a 'Deputy Chair' who are chosen by children in care and care leavers. They go to the Corporate Parenting Forum and they make sure the Have Your Say group always knows the latest news and information about things which can affect them.

In 2010, Have Your Say worked with Warrington Borough Council and the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) to create a pledge. The Pledge asks people who work at Warrington Borough Council to support children in care in 12 ways.

The ‘Have Your Say’ newsletter is given out to every child in care every few months.  The newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest events and information, and has lots of good news stories.

Each year 'Have Your Say' write an annual report which includes all their achievements.

Have Your Say meets three times every month, and the junior group meets once a month.  For more information see the 'get involved' page.

If you want to know more about the dates, times and places of Have Your Say meetings, please ask your social worker or email the Children in Care Council at