Allowances and pocket money

All children in care are entitled to pocket money. The Children in Care Council has completed some work which helped them to understand how much pocket money everyone got, and they found that there were some differences.  So we now have a set amount of pocket money that is given.  This depends on your age and is in line with the government's guidance.

This means that you get:

However, you are all individuals and you may agree with your carer, social worker and (when they are involved) your parents, that some of your money goes into savings. We encourage all children in care to have a savings account, ideally in a bank. If you don't have a bank account and would like one, let your carer or your social worker know and this will be arranged.

It is also important that you have clothes, toiletries and other possessions. All of these things should be agreed when you move into your new home.  It can sometimes be difficult to talk about money - your social worker has a responsibility to make sure that you understand your rights.

This will all depend on your age and understanding; as you get older it is hoped that you will be able to have more say in how you spend your allowances. Your carer and your social workers are there to support you and help you with these things.