School and education

We will always try to keep you at your own school but sometimes this isn’t always possible if you have to move away from home. Your carers and social worker will help and support you with your education and encourage you to attend school and do your homework.

If you are finding school hard or need help with your work, please speak to your social worker, foster carer or teacher.

Mark Storey is the Headteacher of the Virtual School and he has a responsibility to make sure that everything to do with your education is in place.  Mark and his team will make sure (without anyone in your classes knowing) that your school or college is doing everything they can to support you.

If there are particular subjects that you need extra support in, Mark’s team can help.

Mark’s team will support you in applying to colleges or universities.  They will make sure that you understand what finances and support you can get as a child in care.

Talk to your carer and social worker about:

Your PEP or ‘Personal Education Plan’ will be looked at by Mark – he will make sure that your school is doing everything to support your education.

If in doubt, ask the team on 01925 443159 or email: