Your new home

When children and young people come into care there are different sorts of ‘placements’ or ‘homes’. You might be living with a foster carer or in a children’s home. You could be living with a family member or someone you know before you come into care – Children’s Services and the law call these important people ‘connected persons’. Wherever you are, you are entitled to be well cared for.  Your dignity, privacy, rights and welfare should be upheld and respected.

You should still be able to see your friends, have hobbies and interests and you should see family members; as long as it is safe to do so in your best interest.

Our main aim is to provide you within a caring, friendly and respectful home; where you will be living with people who genuinely care about your wellbeing.

Everyone understands that care cannot replace your family.  We understand that you are in care for a reason, and your carer will have been told about why you are in care.  They are bound by confidentiality so don’t worry, they will protect your privacy.

Your carer or carers have received clearances and training to make sure that you receive the best possible care. They are supported by managers and Ofsted, an independent organisation which inspects them to make sure that they meet the standards that we expect of them.

If you are worried about the care you receive, or if you have any questions, there are a number of people you can tell:

Most importantly we do understand that moving into a new home can be a scary or worrying experience. Your social worker will work hard to introduce you to your carers; and to give you time to come to terms with your situation.