After your case review

After your Case Review your Reviewing Officer will write a report. This will have in it the important things that you and other people said about your Care Plan.

At the end of the report your Reviewing Officer will write a list called Review Decisions. These will be jobs that your Reviewing Officer thinks should to be done for you and might need to be added to your Care Plan. 

Your Reviewing Officer will write to you to tell you about the Review Decisions. You will usually get a copy of your Reviewing Officers report. If you think you haven’t got one get in touch with them and ask for it. Other people who were part of your Case Review will also be sent a copy of the report. 

When your social worker and their manager get the report they look at the Review Decisions. They have to tell your Reviewing Officer whether they agree with the Review Decisions or not. If there are any that they don’t agree with they have to write to you to tell you. Then your Reviewing Officer will get in touch with you to decide what to do next. 

Your Reviewing Officer must keep checking to make sure the Local Authority is doing what is agreed in your Care Plan. If you think that any of the jobs in your Care Plan or Review Decisions aren’t getting done you can get in touch with your Reviewing Officer at their work. Your Reviewing Officer will check up for you.