Case reviews

A Case Review is the way your Reviewing Officer will check that your Care Plan is the right one for you. It’s your chance for you to tell someone independent what you think about your Care Plan. 

Your Reviewing Officer will want to know what you think - here are some ideas of different ways for you to let them know

As well as finding out what you think your Reviewing Officer will get information about your plan from other people who are caring for you. These might be your social worker, school, the people you live with, school nurse or health visitor, parents or other family members who are important to you. 

After your Case Review your Reviewing Officer will write a report about what is happening for you. At the end of this report they will write a list of the important jobs that they think need to be done for you. The things on this list are called Review Decisions. Your Reviewing Officer will write to you to tell you what they are. 

Your social worker should make sure these jobs get done. If they think your reviewing officer isn’t right about one of these jobs then your social workers manager should write to you to explain why.

What do we talk about at Case Reviews?

Your Reviewing Officer will want to talk to you about your Care Plan and know what is important to you. What makes you feel happy, worried, sad or safe? ANYTHING that YOU want to talk about.