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People & Friendships

Boyfriends Teachers Friends Girlfriends How I get on with people My foster carer My key worker My parents seeing my social worker

Places and where I live

Activities Work Bedtime College Housework Moving House Music My home My room Parties Play areas School College Uni Sports Where I Live

My Rights, changing things & other decisions

House rules Where I'm allowed to go My pocket money Staying with friends Time to be in TV & Video Using the phone What I'm allowed to do When I see my friends

Health and how I look

Aches and Pains What I look like Drugs & Alcohol How I sleep My Eyes My Hair My Hearing My Skin My teeth Sex Smoking The clothes I wear What I eat

Feelings & relationships

Being supported in meetings Who I talk to Being Supported Bullying How I am treated How I handle my feelings How I look after myself My Feelings Relationships Secrets What I believe in What people think of me

Education, training and money

Homework Working How I spend my money Managing Bills Missing School Pocket Money Traning and careers What School I go to

All about me

Being adopted Worries Christmas or other festivals How I communicate My Birthday My Culture My Future My hopes My past Pets Religion Repairs Stealing Things about me Things I do Where I go to School Who are my friends Why I am looked after

Sentence starters

My rights, making decisions and changing things

I should not be allowed to
I wish I was allowed to
It would be easier if
I don't want to
I don't want to be asked questions about
I don't like it when
I would like to have more say about
I wish I new why
A decision needs to be made about
I don't want to change….
I don't want to make a decision about
It would be better if
I want to know more about
It's good that I don't
I wonder what will happen if
I hope they don't
I don't like doing
I would like to change
I'll never
I'll always

People and relationships

I don't want to see so much of
I don't want to hear from
I would like to get in touch with
I want to see
I don't want to see
I don't feel supported by
I feel supported by

My feelings

I like it when
It's good that
It's easy for me to talk about
It would be harder if
It's hard for me to talk about
The worst thing that has happened recently is
I am worried about
The best thing that has happened recently is
My favourite activity is
I am really pleased about