My review 'online'

We have a review to make sure that things are right for you.  It’s your chance to talk about anything you like!  If you’re really happy about something, or if you’re worried about something, please tell us so we can help.  You can use the online notepad to start thinking about what you’d like to talk about at your review.

Once you've launched the online notepad page:

Click on the blue boxes on the right for some ideas – When you see something you’d like to talk about, hover over the image which tells you what it is, you then click on the icon or the words and drag them onto the notepad in the middle.  Then you can type in a bit more information, or just leave it as it is and you can tell us more about it at your review.  You can also drag the icon pictures into the little picture square too if you like and if you already know what you want to tell us then just go ahead and type it onto the notepad.

When you’ve finished, go down to the bottom of the webpage and tell us what type of review you will be having.  Then you can choose a design for your notes.  Then click on the green box which says ‘Next’.

You’ll then be able to see everything you wrote onto the notepad.  If you’ve changed your mind or have forgotten something you want to talk about click on the green box which says ‘I want to change something’.  If you are happy with what it says, click on the ‘I’m happy with this’ box and your notes will then be put into a document.  

Save this document onto your computer.  You can then print it off and bring it to your review, or email it to your social worker.

The teccie bit

The online notepad works best on laptops and desktop computers using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you are using an older internet browser, or if you are using a mobile phone or a ‘tablet’ computer such as an iPad, you may not be able to click and drag the pictures or words onto the notepad, but you will still be able to type onto the notepad and save it.  You'll also need to have adobe acrobat reader installed to save your form.