Reviewing officers

A Reviewing Officer is someone who usually chairs your Case Review and makes sure it is done properly. They are there to check you have a Care Plan and it is the right plan for you. They will make sure you know what your care plan says so that you can say what you think about it. 

Your Reviewing Officer will make sure your social worker has listened to you. They should include the things that are important to you in your Care Plan. If you can’t have what you want your social worker should explain why. 

Your Reviewing Officer can help you if there are things in your Care Plan that you would like to have changed. They can also get help for you if you want to make a complaint. 

Your Reviewing Officer must keep checking to make sure that Warrington Borough Council is doing what is agreed in your Care Plan. Your social worker has to tell your Reviewing Officer if there are any big changes in your life so your Reviewing Officer can decide if you need to have an extra Case Review to talk about the changes. You won’t see your Reviewing Officer as often as you see your social worker but you can get in touch with your Reviewing Officer at their work if you want to. 

Although they work for Warrington Borough Council, your Reviewing Officer is independent. This means they can ask for your Care Plan to be changed if they think it is not the right Care Plan for you.

Meeting your Reviewing Officer

You have a choice about where you meet your Reviewing Officer. Some people like their Reviewing Officer to come to the place they live, some choose school or places like family centres. When you are choosing remember the place needs to be private and safe. You don’t want to be overheard. 

You can meet your Reviewing Officer by yourself or you can ask someone you know and trust to be there as well. 

Your social worker will visit you before your Case Review so you can talk about this. You can also contact your Reviewing Officer at their work. 

So what are we going to talk about? Your Reviewing Officer will want to talk to you about your Care Plan and know what is important to you. What makes you feel happy, worried, sad or safe? ANYTHING that YOU want to talk about. The report page has ideas and things that other young people have talked about. 

If you think you will need help telling your Reviewing Officer how you feel and about the things that are important for you at the moment you can ask an Advocate to come with you or to see your Reviewing Officer for you. This could be a special person from the NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) or an adult you trust and like. If you want an advocate your Social Worker can ring them for you or you can contact them yourself.