Your case review

Planning your Case Review meeting 

Before your Case Review your social worker will visit so you can plan together how to do the Case Review. You can also contact your Reviewing Officer at their work. 

Young person sharing his views

You have a say about where you have your Case Review and who is invited. Some young people like have their meeting in the place they live, some choose school or places like family centres. When you are choosing, remember that the place needs to be private and safe. You don’t want to be overheard. 

Some people like a small meeting, some people like everyone to be there. Think about the important people in your life like the people you live with, your family, your social worker, or a special teacher. 

Some people like to run or 'chair' their own meeting. If you would like to try this let your Social Worker or Reviewing Officer know and they can help you plan how to do it.  

Sometimes there are people who you don't want to see or invite to your meeting. That’s OK too. If there are people who you don’t want to be there your Reviewing Officer can get them to send a report or see them at another time instead. 

Your Reviewing Officer will get the invitations for your Case Review sent out for you. 

So what are we going to talk about?  Here are some ideas and things that other young people have talked about

If you think you will need help telling your Reviewing Officer how you feel and about the things that are important for you at the moment you can ask an advocate to come with you or to see your Reviewing Officer for you. This could be a special person from the NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) or an adult you trust and like. If you want an advocate, your Social Worker can ring them for you or you can contact them yourself.