Can I come?

If you are the young person the meetings are about, you can be there, as long as you are old enough to understand what the adults are talking about.

There might be a part of the meeting where you will be asked to wait in a separate room for a short time.  This will only happen if the people in the meeting need to talk about things adults have done which are not suitable for young people to hear about.  But you can be in the room to hear everything that is said about you, and you can be there to say what you think when the meeting has to decide if you are likely to be harmed by the way you are treated at home.

Young persons in review meeting

If you do want to be there your social worker should help you say what you think. Or you can have an advocate from an independent organisation, called the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS), who will come to the meeting with you and tell the meeting what it is you want to say.  Your social worker can arrange this for you, or you can get in touch with NYAS yourself.

Your Child Protection Conference Chair will want to know about what is important to you. What makes you feel happy, worried, sad or safe and what might help make things better for you? ANYTHING that YOU want to tell them about. The report page has ideas and things that other young people have told them about. It also has ways you can let your Case Conference Chair know what you think if you decide you don’t want to come to your conference, so have a look.