Who will be there?

So who else will be there?

Your parents will be asked to come because they need to be part of the plan. Other family members might be asked as well, especially if they see you a lot. Someone who knows you from your school will be invited, and a school nurse who might know you too. There might be people who are working with you or your Mum or Dad, like Family Support Workers.

Your social worker will be there, and they will need to know what you think, so they can tell the meeting, if you decide you don’t want to be there. If you do want to be there your social worker should help you say what you think. Or you can have an advocate from an independent organisation, called the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS), who will come to the meeting with you and tell the meeting what it is you want to say.  

Young person with adults

There will be some people there you don’t know. A police officer will be there. This is because if a child or anyone else in the family might get seriously hurt, the police will have been told about it.

The conference also has a person to 'chair' the meeting – the Chair makes sure that everyone has had a chance to speak and decides if a Child Protection plan is needed at the end of the meeting.  They will want to speak to you before the meeting to see if there is anything that needs to be explained to you and make sure that you don’t feel nervous about saying what you want to say.

Everyone else will tell you who they are and why they are there before the meeting begins.