Fostering Reviews

Having a good foster carer is really important for children and young people.

Every year foster carers have a review to make sure that they have the help and support they need to give the best care to the children and young people who stay with them. This help might be visits from their Supervising Social Worker, training, information and support from the social worker.

The person who does the review is called a Chair Person. The Chair Person does not work with the fostering team, they are an independent person who only reviews foster carers. They work in the same team as the Independent Reviewing Officers and the Case Conference Chairs. 

As part of the foster carers' review, the Chair Person asks everyone who lives in the foster carers’ house what they think. This includes asking all the children and young people who live at the house.

If there are any other people in the house, like grandparents, or adult children, they are also asked about being part of a family who foster.

It is important that everyone gets to have their say so that we can learn how to make everything as good as possible for the children and young people who live with foster carers.

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